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Tertio Zapolskiej

is a unique premium project that is closely related to the number three. Our idea is to bring together three important aspects of life of every resident: family/friends, work, and community.

This is how we developed Tertio: a place where all three of life’s most important aspects are intertwined and can coexist in perfect harmony. The three floors form a friendly space that meets the needs of the residents.

The location is not accidental, either. Bronowice is the happiest district of Kraków! With a happiness index of 86%, it is one of the leaders in all of Poland.

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Tertio’s excellent amenities

A cozy building

Three floors with an interesting layout in compact buildings featuring a brick facade. Already from a distance, Tertio appears as a luxurious project that perfectly fits into the low-rise building development around it.

High standard of common areas

At Tertio, the inside and the outside are equally important. All of the common areas have been designed to make the first—and every other—impression as good as possible. Close relations require a space where you can find a place both for yourself and for your loved ones.

An atrium with a green area

In the central section of the atrium, a tree will grow, supplementing the entire development and the green area available to the residents. 

Smart Home

Our project offers state-of-the-art amenities: every apartment at Tertio Zapolskiej is ready for the installation of the Smart Home system, including the supporting software.

Every apartment fully ready for the installation of air conditioning

Irrespective of what temperature you find most comfortable, Tertio Zapolskiej makes it possible to use air conditioning and adjust the conditions in your apartment to your needs.

Thought-through and well-designed apartments

The central element of our approach was to make sure that the potential of every square meter of floor area is utilized to the maximum. Regardless of its size and location, every single apartment was designed with the same carefulness and precision.

Parking spaces in the garage

A spacious garage provides a safe haven for your companion on everyday commutes and far-away travels. It houses 54 parking spaces, three of which are for people with disabilities (with an option to install a charging station).

Parking spaces for electric vehicles

We want to be a part of the process of building a modern and ecological world. This is why 26 of the parking spaces are intended for electric vehicles.

Anti-smog window vents

Irrespective of the quality of the air outside, which we cannot control, the apartments at Tertio Zapolskiej allow you to breath freely. This is one of the amenities that will help you create your surroundings on your own terms, in a safe and friendly way.

Gardens on the ground floor

In an urban area, where it is often difficult to catch a breath, we provide you with an opportunity to relax in your private garden. If you pick an apartment on the ground floor, you will be able to enjoy greenery every day, without the need to go anywhere: all you need is to step outside.

External roller blinds in ground floor apartments

Windows in the apartments located on the ground floor are equipped with roller blinds that provide utmost comfort and privacy. Regardless of the time of the day and the weather outside, you decide whether you want to calm down and spend time in your space or prefer for the rooms to be filled with light.

A convenient storage room for bikes

Moving around the city can be a challenge, so we offer everyone who likes to feel free and independent by avoiding traffic jams an opportunity to store their two-wheel companion in one of the 24 parking spaces for bikes: 16 in the garage and 8 outside. 

Project status

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Walls and roof
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About the architect

The Kubatura design studio was founded more than a decade ago on the initiative of Jakub Kaczmarczyk and Radosław Głodek, combining their extensive experience in terms of architectural design and property development. The studio designs buildings that are located primarily in the Kraków metro area. Each of the designs takes into account local and historical conditions and is prepared bearing in mind the process of constant development of the city. 

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GAMA-M is a property development company with 32 years of experience. The company entered the property development market in 2004 and has since built 648 apartments in various parts of Kraków.

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The project is located in Gabrieli Zapolskiej Street, which in the south-east leads to the green Młynówka Królewska Park.

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